About Franklin

In 1986, Franklin introduced the first handheld electronic book or 'eBook' and ever since, the Company has been developing the potential of eBooks in creating new ways of reading. Utilising their knowledge and expertise of the eBook market, Franklin has created a wide range of electronic reference products for generations of users.

Franklin is unique in the eBook business. Not only does the Company possess years of expertise in search and data compression but also designs its own operating system (OS) and microprocessors (CPU). The CPU is designed specifically for Franklin's products.

Franklin has sold more than 27 million electronic books world-wide and currently publishes more than 200 titles, including dictionaries and bilingual dictionaries; encyclopedias; Bibles; entertainment titles; education and tutorial publications; and medical reference works. Franklin products, available in sixteen languages, are sold in 45,000 retail outlets world-wide, through catalogues and on line.

The company is committed to designing and developing new formats to deliver electronic information, and during 2001, undertook a new direction with our entry into the downloadable product market. Franklin's high quality eBook content is available for use by a wide audience, designing and developing eBooks for use on some of the leading handheld devices such as Microsoft® Windows CE and Pocket PC and Palm®.

In 2004 Franklin entered a global alliance with Seiko Instruments Inc. This has brought together the expertise and vision of both companies enabling a new level of product quality, choice and services for customers around the world.

SEIKO U.K. Limited was appointed the UK distributor for Franklin products within the United Kingdom , commencing from 1st October 2004.