CSB-1500: Bradfords Crossword Solver

Save £20 on this great crossword solving companion

Instead of:£59.99 * £39.99 *

DMQ-1500: Collins Dictionary and Thesaurus

Collins Desktop Plus English Dictionary with Spellchecker

Instead of:£59.99 * £39.99 *

FR-TBG12: 12 Language Global Translator

12 Languages, over 400,000 words and 12,000 phrases.

Instead of:£79.99 * £49.99 *

DMQ-2110: Collins Speaking Reference Library

Includes Dictionary,Thesaurus, 2 Encyclopedias, translator......

£99.99 *

DMQ-221: Collins Express Dictionary with Thesaurus

118,000 words, phrases and definitions + Thesaurus

£29.99 *

LWB-1216: Oxford Primary Dictionary and Thesaurus

KS1 and 2 Children's Dictionary and Thesaurus. School bag essential.

£39.99 *

TPQ-109: Collins Compact Thesaurus

Collins Pocket Thesaurus with over 280,000 synonyms and antonyms.

Instead of:£24.99 * £19.99 *

SPQ-109: Collins Spellchecker

Including Phonetic spell-correction – type ‘nolij’ and find ‘knowledge’

£17.99 *

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